Managers play a big role in vaccinations. It's just not what many think it is.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has made our lives much more interesting. And at work, the role of the manager has become harder. As we have been saying for years, remote management has become much more challenging. Most managers were barely keeping up, and now this new world throws even more at us. Remote management, lack of communication, Zoom burnout, whipsaw priorities, supply chain disruption, travel restrictions, budget cuts, layoffs, and retention challenges.

And now, to add to one of the most stressful years of our professional lives, vaccinations. What's the manager's role? How do we do our duty?

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What is my role relative to my directs' vaccination status?
  • How do I handle directs who aren't vaccinated?
  • What role do my own opinions play in my team's vaccinations?

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