Part 2 of our guidance on working from home career considerations.

Those of us who worked from home through 2020 and 2021 know the personal positives of working from home. No commute. The ability to get household chores done. Not necessarily needing a "work wardrobe". Being home for deliveries. More flexibility around caring for children and other family. A more comfortable work environment. Working earlier or later, depending on our personal preferences.

We also know that there are productivity benefits to working from home. Fewer interruptions. For people who run good meetings, more focused meetings. Autonomy in and of itself has been showing to increase productivity, so just being at home will increase productivity for some people.

That said, working from home may still stifle your career. Being out of sight may mean being out of mind, and therefore passed over for the best projects, promotions and even pay raises. In this guidance, we are going to give you some questions to ask before you decide to work from home.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What effect will working from home have on my career?
  • What should I consider when debating whether to work from home?

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