This cast describes how and why behavior is the primary focus of an effective professional and/or manager.

Part of the reason we started Manager Tools and Career Tools was that we couldn’t find good guidance regarding what to do to be effective.  There’s a lot of advice out there, but not much of it is worth a great deal.  If you’ve ever read a professional self-help book, and agreed with most of it but didn’t know what to do differently when you were done, that’s why we started doing this.

We’ve heard so many different theories of how to be a better manager.  How to motivate others.  Sorry, you’ll never ever, EVER do that.  How to understand their backgrounds.  Irrelevant: there are great performers with unusual backgrounds and poor performers that looked letter perfect day one.  How to lead others.  Wasted time – nobody can even agree on what it means.  How to set an example.  Great, but nobody says what example to set. 

What really matters organizationally is performance.  And the only thing that contributes to performance…is behavior.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What IS Behavior?
  • Why Other Stuff Doesn't Produce Results
  • Why Focusing On Behavior Is Better

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