Part 2 of our guidance on compressing your work into a shorter time frame.

We don't believe in clickbait, so unlike every other article which promises you that you can do twice the work in half the time, we're actually going to give you a six-step model and a timeline for achieving that goal.

We know that work expands to fill the time available, and that Horstman's corollary is work contracts to fit in the time we give it. We know that there is some kind of magic that happens the day before we go on vacation and all our work gets done much more quickly than usual. How though, do we make the work contract into the time we give it? How do we make those vacation days happen every day? It can be done, and this is how.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I get more done in less time?
  • How do I get faster at the things I have to do?
  • How does the law of diminishing returns apply?

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