Our guidance on analyzing someone else's MTDISC Profile.

Establishing your own MTDISC profile is easy: just answer 28 questions on the Manager Tools website, and you'll receive a report with all the information you need about your own preferences. The report also includes what you need to know to work effectively with others based on their MTDISC profile. But there's a catch - in order to follow the recommendations, you have to know other people's profiles. You can't just make them take the instrument (unless you're their manager, in which case, we have a cast for that). You can analyze their behavior in order to assess their profile. When you're doing so, more data is better.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I avoid incorrectly determining someone's MTDISC profile?
  • Is it more important to tailor to what I "know" or what I see?
  • What if someone's profile doesn't stay consistent in every situation?

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