Part 1 of our guidance on career development plans.

Career plans are no longer linear, static or managed by companies. There is a myriad of choices to make, opportunies abound, and it's up to the individual to make those choices, even though the request often comes from the company. For some, the company will provide a format, and a yearly career development planning meeting as part of the annual review. For others, a manager may ask, "Where do you want to go from here?" but give no guidance on the form the answer should take. Perhaps it is you that's thinking about your future, and you need a structure for your thoughts.

In this cast, we're going to give you a structure to use, whether you're looking at the next year or the next 10 years and whether you're at the beginning or the beginning of the end of your career. We'll also share plenty of examples to help you get started.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What should I include in a career development plan?
  • What areas should I have goals in for my career development plan?
  • What should the timescale be for my career development plan?

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