Part 7 of our Executive Tools guidance on how to action Engagement Survey results.

Now that you've gotten your engagement survey results back, how do you respond? In this guidance, we take an actual engagement survey, question by question, and show you how to respond to a low score on that question.

In our previous engagement guidance, we described our history and concerns with engagement as a concept. We also gave you an overview of how to help your team get ready for the survey they're going to be asked to complete. In this guidance, though, we tell you how to take action on the results you get from your directs' responses. We take an actual survey, one available in 2023, and address the over 140 questions it asks, and give you specific guidance on what to do, and how, and why.

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This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How should I respond to my engagement survey results?
  • What should I do with my scores on an engagement survey?
  • How can I improve my engagement survey results?

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