Our guidance on how to ask questions after you have an offer.

Our guidance about interviewing is different from the common wisdom, which is wrong, as is often the case with popular interviewing guidance. The common wisdom is that interviewing is a two way street; we disagree. If you think the interview is a two-way street and you use up all the time in an interview asking your questions, the interviewer never hears the answers they need to say yes, and so they say no.

Of course, at the end of an interview, when the interviewer invites questions, then you can ask yours. That's usually less than five minutes, and not nearly enough time if you want to fully evaluate working at the company. So if not then, when? The time to ask all your detailed questions is after the offer when the company have ceded control to you. Then you get to ask anything you like, as much as you like, with a few caveats, of course.

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