Jonathan A. Knee

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This review was submitted by Mark.

If you want to become an investment banker, don't read this book.  As fiction, it would be well-researched.  As non-fiction, it's depressing.  (Oh, and if you lust love tidbits about bygone eras, it's good for that.)

Insider accounts are usually interesting reads for various reasons, and there are times in this book when it's great.  Behind the scenes, fast, smart decision making, interesting bird's-eye accounts of key Wall Street players.

Unfortunately, I learned that after reading the opening, with the author describing how he played the system, didn't really care about any of the clients, didn't really know anything about the markets he was playing in, and generally had disdain for everything related to his work, other than his salary.

Call me old fashioned, but someone doing work that involves millions of dollars and professes a disdain for the hard work of the companies that created those makes me sad.

I'd like Mr. Knee to write another book.  About a job he loves, serving clients that he loves, using his impressive skills to contribute...and then write a classic.