Liz Wiseman

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This review was submitted by Chris Zeller.

In a nutshell, Ms. Wiseman and her research delve into the characteristics and behaviors of Managers and Leaders who get the most from their people, unleash latent creativity, and grow teh abilities fo their people. They are the ones known for developing high-performing teams, are attractors of top talent, and develop reputations for creating new leaders who go on to repeat the process.

With Multipliers at one end of the spectrum and deliberate Diminishers at the other, it's the space in between that's fascinating. "Accidental Diminishers" who have positiive intent and execute imperfectly are all around us. Heck, they are us.

The book itself can slightly repetitive at times but the idea of striving to become good/better/best, delivering exceptional results, and then teaching other people how to do it will appeal to a large portion of the MT community.