Tony Alessandra, Michael J. O'Connor, Janice VanDyke

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Here it is: The book for people who can't afford the Manager Tools Effective Communications Conference.

OK, maybe not exactly... But there is some truth to the statement and you can't blame me for wanting an attention grabbing opening!

This book is all about tailoring your communication style to be effective with DISC.  It shows you what to look for, what to do and when to do it.   I read this book after doing the ECC and it covers a lot of the same ground - making it an ideal refresher for ECC attendees.

The book is divided into three parts:

1) Understanding people smarts (DISC)

This covers an overview of the four types - vocal and visual cues, identifying the other person's behaviour type, and learning how to adapt to it.

2) Workplace Applications

This covers problem solving with the different types, leadership styles, and what the different types want from your interactions.  There's also a section on selling to, and offering customer service to, the different types.

3) Personal Applications

This covers the social scene, family applications, and even romance!  (Oh DISC, where were you when I was an awkward young man?!)

The book is sprinkled with action plans throughout to keep you on track, as well as "cheat sheets" for each section.   This a book helping you put DISC into action, not just theory.

A very rich and rewarding business book.  Life changing even.  Highly recommended.