Gerald M Weinberg

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This review was submitted by royd.

The subtitle is " a guide to giving and getting advice successfully"  which is an accurate BLUF

This book has a very chatty and perhaps ideosyncratic style that makes it easy to read and so it might seem to be lightweight ,  but it does deserve serious consideration. There are some real nuggets of gold in the advice and way of looking at situations.

The book is aimed at either consultants or people who employ consultants, but as the subtitle says it is aimed at, and is useful for a wider audience . It deals with ways of looking at finding solutions to problems and the changes required to implement those solutions with a focus on the human element to both. It is therefore applicable to managers and ic's.

I have had this book for 20 years and it is still useful to me. NB I have not found the sequel - More Secrets of Consulting to be as useful.