Simon Sinek

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This review was submitted by gpsmith.

Start with Why is about the process of making sure when communicating a key message or even outlining the direction of your entire corporation, you should make sure people understand why you are doing it. Far too often people talk about the What, or How they are doing things. This alone won't grab people's interest or make them buy-in to your dream.

An easy read which reinforces the main concept. Does it really offer anything above and beyond his speeches you can freely see on the web? I don't think so that much.

Personally I like books where I can easily see how I can come away from them with clear points on how to take the ideas forward and this isn't forthcoming from this book.

I guess I would recommend it in that it's an interesting idea, but to be fair if you're short of time, look for a youtube video of Simon doing his thing. I did it the other way around and saw the video and bought the book!