William S. Swan

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Swan's How To Pick The Right People Program is a terrific book and the content won't be foreign to people familiar with behavioural interviewing techniques.

What Swan does is provide an overall - and actionable - framework for a behavioural interview which allows an interviewer to build a more complete picture (or as Swan says, a "hologram") of what the candidate is like.

What makes this book even more valuable is that Swan closes the book with advice on how best to interpret the data you collect during the interview - allowing you to make a rational decision that is fully defensible to anyone who asks how you came to make your decision.

For Manager Tools devotees this book is a perfectly aligned with the Manager Tools approach to things - it is extremely precise, even about the small things - and well worth your time.

Currently out of print but worth tracking down.   (Part of the fun of reading out of print books are the anachronistic parts - such as suggesting you provide an ashtray to make your candidate comfortable if he wants a smoke; and making sure your candidate has experience on WANG machines)