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First, a HUGE thanks for doing this podcast. You started this right as I was looking for practical management advice. NOTHING in my 25 years of working and managing has been this helpful. It has literally changed my work life and the same could be said by my staff.

Your stuff on DISC is extremely helpful. Is there anyway I can convince you to do I, S, & C sooner? I really would like to fully assimilate all that info sooner that the middle of the year. I've got a bunch of key people, all different personality types and need to get a better understanding of how to communicate with them sooner rather than later. (I've got to make several key proposals between now and June.)

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Ya I have to agree here. The D podcast was a bit of a tease. I hope to hear the others sooner also. Mind you, I don't know what else is in the pipeline for podcasts. Maybe I'll change my mind.

M&M, maybe you guys can post a rough plan for upcoming podcasts or let the users on the site here rate which ones are preferred first??

I've been in a couple personality courses where the Aimable, Expressive, Driver, Analytic model was used. A lot of it seems similar, you guys have a more practical usage of it however explaining what you can actually do with each type, not just what they are. Is there actually a difference in these models or are they the same thing? (Maybe I'll figure that out once hearing the ISC sessions)...

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Mike (and rqc for part)

We didn't mean the D cast as a tease, honest. We are intentionally spreading them out. The reason for that is I've been teaching the model for years, and find that going slower and encouraging people to dig into each type is a powerful way to extend the learning. Those who have a four month long, less intense experience do far better at retaining the concepts and staying with the associated behavior changes. So, sorry, but once a month is the plan.

And, sorry to disappoint, but we're not going to post a plan and ask for ratings. We can understand the rationale, and could argue your side of the table, so thanks for sharing it.

To be fair, though, it's not like we're playing Henry Ford here. [His famous line is that customers could have any color Model T they wanted, as long as it was black.]

We have many topics to share - think several hundred - and are trying to balance a number of competing interests with the casts we choose to release.

Here's an example of a factor recently that I bet will surprise you. We have to consider the potential negative of one of my clients hearing in a cast a topic I just coached them on. While the topic has already been in the queue, it being delivered shortly after I've just coached them on it will cause them to assume (erroneously, but with the same deleterious effect on my relationship with them) that they have become fodder for a public broadcast. (It doesn't have anything to do with fee vs. free.)

As well, we think that certain topics that are not podcasts are being covered in incredible detail on the discussion forums, and would hope everyone sees the value in getting a seriously busy management consultant to spend hours answering their personal management questions. That may address the "custom" approach that is alluded to in your note.

And, as you may have sensed recently, we also have other plans for the site that we want to respect while also honoring our compact with our listeners and clients, who make this so much fun.

A suggestion regarding DiSC. If you want to know more, get People Smarts by Tony Allesandra from Amazon. RQC, it will be PERFECT for what you need it for.

We're doing the best we can. We think carefully about show releases, and we do it quietly. That is allowing us some flexibility that we sorely need as our community grows.

It really is a privilege to do this for you,


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Thanks for the book recommendation. I will order it today! I can (and need to) absorb DISC sooner than four months if possible, so I really appreciate your recomendation.

I respect the constraints you are under and appreciate the great stuff your putting out.

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My pleasure. Let me know what you think. What I really liked from it is the categorization of observable behaviors as Verbal, Vocal, and Visual. That's the construct I now use, as you know from the cast.

Thanks for the kind words!


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Mark, All,

Thanks for the DISC and book discussions. I was formally trained in DISC many years ago, and since then, many of the learnings and principles have been over-written with Myers-Briggs, Hogan, and a few others. It wasn't until this morning when I "stumbled" upon this site and heard the "tease" in question that I realized what my management style was missing! Thank you!!!

I am anxiously awaiting the next podcasts!!!!

Denny B
Tyler, Tx

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Thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate the notes we get - it makes us want to step up even more.

We're glad you're a listener, and it's a privilege to serve you this way.