I've already gotten my boss into listening to the podcasts. I think at least one of my peers will as well. Still working on the others. This info is fantastic! I wanted to create some lunch time seminars on things like email and time management for the troops. I of course will be directing them to the site and the podcasts! But, I'm really tuned into copyright law (former aspiring musician) and I know these podcasts and contents are protected by the authors. So, I will definitely reference your material, as well as others, but I want to make sure I have permission to reuse your material and if there are any restrictions. Thanks!


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Thanks for your kind remarks. We're glad that you're getting value out of our work.

Our policy on requests like yours is: [b]our casts are free for personal use[/b]. What that means is that we don't give permission to "re-use" the cast as we think you are requesting.

Our reasons for this are several, and I'll share a few here. As well, we have an alternate suggestion.

- We worry about a slippery slope of allowing some to do some limited re-use. IP lawyers generally agree with this. Because we're just getting started, we don't want to create precedents we can't honor. The CEO who asks what you ask - and then asks all his managers to do the same - is no longer adhering to the personal use concept.

- Re-use or re-broadcast fundamentally breaks the bonds we're trying to create with our community of listeners. Having folks come to our site, or at least subscribe, helps us achieve our vision. If we don't make any money from our free podcasts, we feel they at least ought to help us achieve our vision. If you need a concrete realization of our vision, consider that our site and the number of downloads of our show are absolutely monetizable. We have had offers that are quite generous.

- We have products (for future sale) that will address exactly the situation you're discussing: a leader's guide that will allow licensing and provide discussion guidelines, questions to ask, activities to consider, actions to take going forward.

So, sorry that we can't honor your request. But, we'd like to suggest something different. Why not just ask your directs to join and subscribe and get the casts themselves? Ask them to listen in advance, then meet and discuss the casts, and talk about how you can implement them.

We're considering adding some functionality that will make it easy from the website to allow members to invite friends and associates to join. Until then, you can just send them a link, and explain what you want them to do.

We feel like this is a fair compromise to allow you to get where you want to with your team, and honor our efforts, our vision, and our concerns about IP.

Thanks again for being a listener. We're glad you're getting value from our free podcasts.


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Oh, I totally understand. I have been giving out the website link to anyone who might be interested. I've definitely gained a lot. In fact, today someone commented on how clean my email inbox was. I immediately "plugged" your site! I'll keep it at that level of referral. Thanks again!

Oh, and love the effective use of the admin podcasts. That's something that's been bothering me for a while but never took the time to really think it through. I've already started coming up with ideas which I'll share with the other managers. Admins are so under utilized. Thanks again!