One of my fellow managers here sends out a thought every Friday (he has been collecting interesting quotes for 20+ years). Well, being the newest manager in the group, I have kind of kept a low profile, but decided it was time to share Manager Tools with the group. I sent out my own 'Friday email' inviting everyone to take a look. Later that day the director sent out the weekly IT Operations report to all the senior management and a cast of hundreds (literally) and low and behold, he tacked my email on the bottom. So, hopefully you get a ton of new members from Albertsons/SuperValu.

If I would have known it was going to such a wide audience, I would have worded it a little differently. Fortunately, I didn't say anything to embarrass myself or Manager Tools, but I sure learned a lesson about including this director. :-)

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I had the same thing happen in a new job. I sent around an effective writing e-mail to my team. Something I had for awhile just outlining some of the basics of effective communication. There is a company newsletter that is published every couple of months and I was surprized to see that my e-mail had been re-formatted and reprinted in the newsletter. Nothing I didn't want printed, but it sent a bit of a chill down my spine as this goes out to every employee in the company.

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What ever happened to checking with the author before publishing something? :cry: I have had this happen soo many times. I got is some pretty hot water once because someone forwarded an email on that was not intended for anyone but the person I wrote it to. Learned that day that if you want to say something to someone in particular, pick up the phone or take a walk. Email is just too dangerous.

And it is very hard to remember that with the number of email I write every day. :P

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Actually that is a really good point, I have found that I only e-mail now when I want it in writing. I have also been burned by this in the past, making off the cuff remarks on e-mail that comeback to haunt me. Comments like, "we could do that in 2 weeks" or "it wouldn't be a problem to add that feature". Now if I make these comments using e-mail I add in my assumptions and context to the point. If I can't do that, I don't send it.


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Just try writing a blog, or answering questions here. Talk about a lesson in being careful about what you write.

I'm spending so much time writing nowadays, the openness I have to worry about here has reminded me a thousand times about having emails forwarded.

You're all right. Be careful. When communicating is made this easy, we allow our natural barriers to decay.