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Hello, my name is Brandon T. I am a Team Lead of a Industrial Automation Group for a manufacturing company that makes a wide verity of home building / improvement products (Steel Siding, Concert Bricks, Floor Truss, Roof Truss, Treated Lumber, Extruded Decking, etc.). I have only been with the company for a short amount of time (3 years), but have been lucky enough to be promoted two times.

I am in a position for the first time with more then two people under me. I currently have five people under me with the hope to have seven by the end of the year. There is a long-term goal in the future is to separate my group in to another department. This would mean there would be twelve-person department.

In my free time I like to remodel my house. I recently bought a 1920 bungalow in northwest Wisconsin. I am currently working on restoring the outside of the house and modernizing the inside one room at a time.

I have been a sporadic poster on the forums but will be trying to provide more help in the coming months.

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wow, that sounds great! I hope your job can help support your house remodeling. I'm using my contacts at work to replace all of the lighting in my house. it feels so much more rewarding when the product comes from the company you work for.

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Welcome aboard! We look forward to hearing more from you.


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Welcome Brandon, I too worked in industrial automation. Allen Bradley and Rockwell Automation RULES! That was probably the most fun that I had while working. I'll write one of these bios some day.

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I just wanted to post a short update to my Bio, a lot has happened in the last year and plan on a lot of good changes this year.

High Lights
1) I recently received a promotion to the manager of the Industrial Automation Department.
2) The Department went from 5 people to 12 in a year.
3) The company I work for has doubled its size over the last year through adding two new sites and purchasing a company (adding two other sites).
4) I will be a father next year (ETA: April 26 2008)
5) Started a blog site (

Goals for the next year
1) Increase Knowledge of my department (Training and Mentoring)
2) Read more (management & business)
3) Get more involved in the forum
4) Get in back in shape
5) Do better reviews on team members (Weekly note, one-on-one notes, spending more time on them).

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It's great to hear from folks whose careers and lives are getting better....

Congratulations on all fronts, and good luck with the goals .


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Brandon congrats on the success. If this is your first child coming in April, well, wonderful things are coming your way. My daughter's just over two and enchants me a little more every day.

Nice set of goals, though if you MT them (make them measurable and put a Time deadline on them) they'll become a lot more effective.

For instance:
1. Get each direct 1 successfully completed training class each quarter.
2. Read 1 management book each month.
3. Read the forum every day. Post at least 3 times a week.
4. Workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes each. Lose 15 pounds by June 1.
5. Provide on-time quarterly reviews for each direct. Have at least 3 pieces of feedback for each direct at every O3.

That's how it would look for me. :)

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Welcome Brandon!

Based on your successes, you're doing great. Hang out here, listen to the casts and find out how to do even better!

Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the forums. You are on a path to success from the sound of it. Congratualations.