When I become a Platoon Leader in the United States Army, would it be proper to do One on Ones with my Team Leaders, or should I treat them as Skips?
Also, would my Platoon Sergeant fit somewhere between a direct and a peer? I know I will do One on Ones with him, but should I try and have a morning 15 minute meeting the way I would with an Executive Assistant because our schedules are so intertwined.

Michael Cummings

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I would do one on ones with your platoon sergeant and with the team leaders, and then over time migrate the team leads to having them with the PSG.

Your Platoon Sergeant is NOT a peer. You should treat him with total respect, deference, and appreciation... and he still reports to you.

I don't think a morning standup is a bad idea, but I would NEVER think of him like an admin. More like you're the CEO and he's the COO... both of you VERY powerful. In the beginning, you'll be listening and learning and asking, after some time, you'll make a few suggestions, then someday you'll actually run the platoon.