I've listened to the O3 podcasts and I starting to think this will help me. Here is my concern. I've been the manager of this group for about 2 years now. The practice before I joined was to have monthly O3s. Unfortunately, there was no structure and noone told me why we do it. I started meeting once a month with my group because the predecessor had done them.

Now, here is the issue. I've not kept them going with everyone and have not made it a priority. So, how do I get past this and start?

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Just do it. If you haven't done them in the past - why would that control your ability to do them in the future. Just tell your folks that you've had the opportunity to think about this in a new light and you're going to not just restart them, but your're going to restart them even more frequently.

Does that mean you made a mistake in the past? Not really, you just know better now....


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Brian is absolutely right ... just do it. For every practice we've spoken of, there are a HUNDRED excuses not to practice them ... of course, management effectiveness is not one of them. Choose effectiveness over personal comfort ... in no more than 3 weeks, you'll kick yourself for delaying even a single day.

Start them NOW -- and then keep doing them.


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I was in your situation, but bit the bullet and started 03s two weeks ago. Yes the first few have been a bit weird and yes, I've got a lot to learn about making them work, but already I don't know how we ever "managed" without them.

Nike could be onto something - Just Do It.

Eric Napper

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Just to update everyone. O3 work and the just do it advice was right on target. My folks appreciate the time and it really helps me be more effective.

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Outstanding. Congratulations for overcoming your discomfort and starting them again. That, as you already know, is where you grow. Congrats again.