Greetings all,

I've been here listening and occasionally contributing for a while but just now getting around to writing my bio. The primary reason for the delay was the fact that the company I was working for at the time was so dysfunctional and I wanted my bio to reflect a more positive situation. I'm happy to say that I'm there now, working for a large international retailer whose forcus on employee satisfaction, communication and performance management is right in line with all the principles I have learned from MT. And the company's commitment to quality, value and convenience earn numerous repeat customers from across the globe.

I have a unique position for a distribution center - as a shift manager I have complete responsibility for operation in a 1.6M sq. ft. DC but I report to two Area managers, Inbound and Outbound. Even within the company the other DCs do not adhere to this practice. I'm not sure I agree with the concept and questioned it before coming on board but in the end it will ensure that I have adequate experience in all facets of the business and will be better prepared for future opportunities.

My home is in SC but I'm working through 4th quarter in VA, learning the business in a compressed training program. In January I'll be moving back to help open a new DC in SC.


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Welcome aboard sir. Glad to know we're of value to you... and you are to us!


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G'Day Brad and welcome!

... umm perhaps you could help me with something. I think I got the acronyms you used but..

DC - distribution centre?
SC - South Carolina?
VA - Virginia?

Thanks, :lol:

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Hi Peter - You were correct on all counts. I guess sometimes the use of state acronyms comes so natural that I forget about the international audience here. And while I was forgetting, I begin to think about the many of the other things I thought that I should have included but didn't - the family and kids (struggling to get by seeing me only a couple of times a month), the other previous experience in logistics and the previous managers I had that showed me through actions, some of the basic principals of MT without the formality or definition that we know now and how I had been influenced early on to have care and respect for those at all levels of an organization.

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Wuhu! Actually I cheated a little because I lived in CA (er... California) for a couple of years but thought the definitions might help some others....

Good to hear the other bits and you can always come back and add more info to this thread whenever you feel like it or want to add stuff... (see [url=]my bio[/url])