Hello all, my name is Justin and I am a "semi" new member. I've been listening to Manager Tools from the beginning of the Summer.

A little history about me. My parents were missionaries and I was born in South Korea... moving to the Fiji Islands a few years later and growing up near the capital of Suva. After a fun child hood I moved back to the US and finished up my education. Post High School I joined the US Navy as an E-1, and spent the next five years working in various capacities for the Navy. During that time I lived in Iceland for a year and a half and in Italy for two years. The last year of service I managed a small project management office on my base that acted in a variety of roles and was charged with such things as technology upgrades, liaison, etc.

I'd previously liked the thought of management, but during that time my love for project management expanded and I really saw something that I would love doing for the rest of my life. So of course what next to do? I left the military and went back to school. So this past spring I graduated with a B.S. in Business Management.

Most people get a job after college, but instead of doing that I went to Sweden and got married (my wifes family is Swedish). After playing around in the summer we moved down to Raleigh, North Carolina. Its a great place and we're absolutely loving it.

Anyhow, I am currently working on becoming gainfully employed and though I usually stick to the podcasts, I decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea for me to drop by the forums to say hello and thanks to the MT guys for all the great work they have put out.

Really guys, after I graduated I looked back and realized that my degree had not taught me what I needed or wanted to know to be an effective manager. When I started listening to Manager Tools I said "Wow! This stuff is great!", and it is... its all the practical stuff they should have taught me in school rather than theory about things that really aren't going to make me a better manager.

So, thanks for your time guys. I'm looking forward to your future podcasts!

btw, anybody that wants information on what to do in the Fiji Islands or Sweden, just drop me a PM. :)

Justin Eggar

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Welcome aboard! I am a proud "honorary plank owner" of the USS Ortolan, a gift given to me by one of the officers aboard when they decommissioned her. The plaque - an actual piece of the original decking - is the most prized thank you gift I have ever received, and it hangs proudly - alone - on one entire wall of my office.

While Mike and I root each year to Beat Navy, we respect them immensely.

I am glad we have been helpful, and look forward to hearing of further successes.


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G'Day Justin!

Glad to hear we have a M-T'er who knows Sweden. I might just need some ideas - I just a joined a large telecoms company whose HQ is in Stockholm and I'll likely be visiting before too long.

Oops - did I just give something away? ;-)


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Hey Mark and Peter!

Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and chat.

Mark - That does sound like an amazing gift.

As to Army vs Navy ball... well, we know how thats been going lately. Its a mixed bag for me, my brother is an officer in the Army (though he is getting his MBA right now so he isn't in regular Army status) and I am proud of all he has done and accomplished so far.

Of course my own history with the Navy pulls me in that direction. All in all, I just enjoy seeing the game, the fun skits they put up each year and the comraderie that is shown. That said, when I get invited to go to an actual game it is usually with my friends from the Naval Academy so we are definitely in the Beat Army section.

Peter - Ahh, gotcha. Well congratulations on that, it sounds like it will be quite interesting! If you need any information just tell me so. There is much I don't know, but thats where my wonderful wife steps in and makes me look like I know what I'm talking about.

I hope your visit to Stockholm comes soon, I think you'll really enjoy a trip there. There are some definite sites to see... and well, just to walk the city is amazing. Looking forward to hearing more about that.

Have a good week guys!