On pp. 118 of [u]The Essential Drucker[/u], Drucker describes a Manager's Letter for subordinates to communicate up the objectives, performance metrics, resources and hurdles the manager will face in the next six months to a year.

I'm curious if anyone uses this form of communication or if 03s accomplish the same thing?

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I've tried something similar and found it didn't work terribly well, but I think I rolled it out poorly.

Something else I do that is somewhat related is that each direct fills out a goals sheet, and then I roll up all the goals sheets and compare them to my goals. Further, those goals are used to compare performance quarterly and annually, with directs preparing a "support form" that details what they've done, so I know it when I'm evaluating them.


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Its a good idea but I question the 6 month clause as priorities
change dynamically these days and we have to be able to turn on
a dime. Frankly, I would print out a list of the priorities on a weekly
or monthly basis instead.

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