Mark / Mike,
thank you for this podcast!

I have to say that the best presentations I've ever done are when I had time to be in the place a while before and introduce myself to all the guys, chatting a little bit with them.

This is something I used to do just because I felt it was ok, and I'm now happy that there is 'a reason' :)


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Yes, thank you for this one. I have a presentation with an extremely large retailer next month and this will definitely be one of the resources in my already ginormous kit of presentation tools.

Good timing. And if the presentation doesn't work out I can always go back and relisten to the How to Resign podcasts.

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Thanks for the great podcasts. Do you feel that this technique also applies to somewhat larger presentations to rooms of 100-200 at a trade show? Obviously you can't greet each and every person entering but would you suggest being at the back greeting people as they enter or would it be better to already be on the podium as a sign that you are getting ready to start?

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Yes, it applies to large presentations at trade shows. While I have greeted hundreds, I know it's very hard to do...but it does buy you some grace from those you greet, if you were to stumble at all during the presentation.

Good luck!