Can anyone explain the terms "High C", "High D" and any others?

Thanks very much.

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You need to listen to the member's only podcast which describe in 4 separate podcasts what are D, I, S, and C in the DISC profiles. I believe there was a regular podcast summarizing them all first also if you want the quick overview.

There is also a quick download sheet from the homepage I believe for the DISC profiles. Take a look, they explain it best.

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Here's the link to the podcast where Mark and I initially introduced the DISC model:

Hope that helps!


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I wonder if the question is along my own lack of understanding about the DISC model (which I DO think is really good and very helpful).

Presumably not everybody is a High D or S or i or C. I've been praticing by watching people and picking out behaviors, then attempting to pick the most applicable category. Some people are very easy and I think of them as High (x). Others are more difficult and I wonder if they are High in any of the categories. Even if someone isn't High in a particular area I would guess the have tendenacies in one quatrant over another and that spotting them, and then interacting with them in the most effective way just takes lots of practice.