I applied for a several new positions (because the one I'm in was eliminated). For one particular position I had a pre-screening interview today with the recruiter who asked several questions about diversity - how I manage it and what kind of training I had. This was completely out of the blue and I answered that I treat everyone fair while applying common sense and courtesy at all times. This seemed to satisfy her but I was wondering what she was really after.

Perhaps a podcast on managing diversity would be worthwhile - perhaps not - I don't know how pervasive or important this issue would be.


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It's on the list. And, one doesn't "manage diversity" anymore than one manages time. One manages individuals based on their strengths, their needs, and their desires, all of which are of course affected by characteristics that often are considered related to diversity, such as gender, ethnicity, cultural background, etc. Smart managers know and understand these differences, and know how to communicate effectively with everyone in a way that works for them.

That's what I coach my clients to say when they get asked that.


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Great - thank you.