I have been using Googe desktop search since it came out (it must nearly be 2 years). I do prune and organise emails and docs anyway, however I find it so handy to just type a few letters into the google desktop search task bar box and up pops files with those characters in them.

I also have it index visited webpages so if I afterwards want to email someone a link to a page it makes it v. easy to find it again even if it's after a few weeks (ie outside the limit of IE history folder).

It's fast and easy- I would despair if I had to revert to old fashioned windows searching again.

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I'm using both Google AND Windows Desktop Search just to test them.
I find Windows Desktop Search better from an UI and power point of view.
And these tools are the future: no more cataloging: just tag and search (windows vista is based on this stuff too).

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I have been a long time user of the Windows-based (the free version is from Yahoo).

It integrates very well with Microsoft Outlook, and it can be integrated into an enterprise IT environment to be used as a system wide search of shared network drives.

Since I also read all my RSS feeds using Newsgator Inbox (for Outlook) it makes for great search setup.


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Tell me about Newsgator inbox for outlook. THAT sounds VERY VERY Cool to me.