Hi, I am really enjoying the podcasts, and wanted to go back to some of the original ones from July 2005, especially on one to ones, coaching and feedback.

However, in iTunes (and everywhere else I look running off the RSS feed) it only goes back to November 2005.

I want to be able to listen to these on my PDA - I know I can download the MP3s, copy them across and play them manually. However, I'd prefer to be able to have them in my RSS reader with all the other MP3s from your site.

Can the RSS file be extended, or can another feed be set up for older posts?

I only found these podcasts by visiting the site - I've used the series for a while in iTunes and presumed I was looking at the whole lot - maybe others are also missing out on what seem to be the most important of the podcasts.

Thanks a lot


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Yep, I can understand exactly where you're coming from. As a matter of fact, I was having dinner with Steve Holden (another podcaster, last night and part of the conversation was specifically around this issue.

Unfortunately, there is a practical limit to the size of the RSS feed (which we hit a long time ago). One solution, as you suggested, is to create an "archive RSS feed". Makes a lot of sense, but I can't see any way around creating the archive feed manually and will take some time. Given my current workload, it's going to take me some time before I can get to it. Please be patient with me! :-)


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[quote="mauzenne"]One solution, as you suggested, is to create an "archive RSS feed". Makes a lot of sense, but I can't see any way around creating the archive feed manually and will take some time. [/quote]

Assuming your RSS Feed is database driven, can you do the following:

1) save your RSS Feed generator logic to a temp file
2) change the query in the temp RSS Feed generator to include: releaseDate between '1/1/2005' and '12/31/2005'
3) run the temp script.
4) save the resulting rss contents as a static "M-T 2005 Archive" file.
5) Lather, rinse, repeat with 2006 dates.

Just a thought. Sorry, the geek in me couldn't resist.

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If there is no easy way for you to do it, I will do my own as this will be better for me than just copying MP3 files about without the descriptions etc. that Feeder Reader and software like that can provide from the RSS file.

Do you want me to provide you with the file I create? My way of giving back!

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PS I meant to ask, what is the limit that you talked about with RSS feeds? I have Googled this and haven't found any specific limit.

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Thanks for the kind offer, that would be fantastic!

As for an explanation of the practical limit, I just created a FAQ Forum to start recording these frequently asked questions. You'll find it [url=]here[/url]!


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I appreciate the sentiment in your suggestion. My approach, although not identical to yours, is similar. When I can afford the time, I'll be pursuing it.


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I had the same problem and found that I could go to the manager-tools website and download the oldest (and most imporatant) podcasts from there.

The problem though is that they do not show up in the podcasts section of my iTunes. They show up in the music section.

I have no techy skills and have been befuddled trying to drag & drop them out of the music section and into the podcast section where they belong.

Drives me nuts! Any suggestions?

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Nigel ... I don't think there is an easy way to trick iTunes into thinking a music MP3 imported in is now a podcast. You can do some tweaking of smart playlists using the Genre tag which is what I do.


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New developments ... [url=]see related post calling for beta-testers of new feed with ALL casts[/url]. :D