Ciao Mark/Mike,
I've listened to the last podcast 'Pay better attention' and I have a question.
You told us something that Mark did changing 'mood' of a lady.
I understand (even if it's not a piece of cake) how to change the way I behave according to the DISC profile of my counterpart but .. how I've never heard in your podcast this concept of changing my counterpart's behaviour / mood.
Am I missing something?

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Sorry this took so long.

Of course, I didn't actually change her mood. I behaved differently towards her in a way that caused her to decide to change her mood.

For purposes of this discussion, I simply considered her profile, and modified my behavior to become more appealing to her. It worked quite well, and she behaved differently - smiling, free drinks, extra food, more free drinks - that allowed us to infer her mood.

Several folks have asked about this, and it surprises me a little. This is CLASSIC DISC usage behavior.


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So, on top of teaching us getting better MANagers,
you will teach us getting better MAN (WoMAN)

Live is getting on a higher level.


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And, NO!


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DISC - poncho_57

Excellent forum on this p-cast.

I wasn't tuned in enough to pick up on the mood change comment.

It is unfortunate that I can't use DISC techniques at home.

In five years of marriage I can think of about two times ) that I would have liked to been able to change a counterpart's mood.

Alas, Jedi mind tricks only work in digitally remastered and re-released movies.

Great post, fun discussion,
- poncho_57