Is it possible to give the DISC assessment that you provide as a gift to someone that doesn't know anything about DISC or these kind of models??

Is it something that has to be compiled via internet or is it something that he can do on a sheet of paper and then I can send to you?


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Although the DISC can be done on paper, we only offer the online version.

If you would like to give as a gift, we can certainly make that work. If you send me an email before you order the DISC online, we can send the invite to the individual with a custom email so they know it is a gift from you (of course, we can include any text in the invite that you would like).

The invite itself has links to the DISC podcasts and related material, so they will have some resources available to understand DISC.

Please let me know if you would like to pursue.

best regards,

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Could you please help.
Do you have a questionnaire or internet-tool to assess yourself or colleagues what their DISC-profile will be ?

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Kaspar, if you go to the main Manager Tools site and click on 'Profile' at the top, there is an option to purchase a DISC profile for yourself (under 'Membership Type').

If you've listened to all four of the DISC podcasts, you can probably make a fairly educated guess as to major aspects of your own type, but I found a good deal of value when I purchased mine. It doesn't take long to process the purchase, and 30 minutes or so to complete the profile. It is available for you to review immediately and can be delivered in a number of different ways to you.

Hope this helps,

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I noticed that part in my profile, and was wondering what it was exactly, which led me to this post.

Am I correct in thinking that if I sign up for that added bonus, I fill in some questions and it helps me asses where I am in the DISC model?

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You're correct! I got a pretty detailed DISC profile for myself, including exactly where I stand. Pretty accurate (and very close to what I thought). I thought the price was reasonable and the response time good. Once you receive the email with the link to complete the profile, the results are almost instant.

It was well worth it, IMO.


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Sounds like a great idea. It lets me contribute back to Mark and Mike, and get something extra as well. Guess where I'm clikcing next? thanx!

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I've taken the DISC Profile and my results came back as CS. The report was right on the money for my personality style at work. However, I notice my behaviors are a little different at home. I have an employee that gave me the same kind of feedback. It's interesting when you take the profile using a work focus and then take it again using a home focus. My Dominant characteristics were a close third on the work focus but definitely 2nd in the home focus.


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This is normal. The instrument is designed to focus on a specific sphere of your life. Many folks note differences at home.