I'm Tracy and tomorrow morning am officially manager of a team of three. This is my first management position.

Our team has been riding high since coming off of a great year end under the wonderful leadership of our manager, who is now Director of our group. (No, he's not reading this, I just wanted to give you the context.)

I have been a bit anxious over the last week and a half since the promotion announcement and subsequent holiday absence about how the team feels about the change. Two of the employees had been peers of mine and one was just promoted to the senior level, so they are all now at the senior level.

Our company offers great management training resources and I look forward to participating. However, because of my excitement and impatience, I started doing some research over the holiday vacation.

I was fortunate to hit the One-On-One podcasts and am really excited to be able to have something in my back pocket to immediately implement.

I want to be successful and think all of the archives will be of huge benefit as I start out this new and exciting 2007.

Thanks for all of your great advice and insight!

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Welcome to the manager ranks ... and to Manager Tools. I'm sure you'll find the podcasts useful; after that, you have a great community of folks here ready to help out.

We're all looking forward to hearing more from you.

best regards,

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Tracy -- congratulations and best of luck in your new position. For me, management was like getting married...lots of hard work the first year, but shining with that newlywed glow. Hopefully it will be as positive for you.


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What an excellent way to sum up my first year.

Now I am going through the freezer and looking for the stale cake.