Mark & Mike,

Firstly (and more importantly) - Happy New Year. I sincerely hope that you both had a great christmas and new year with your families.

I came across your podcast a month ago and I simply love it! I have done exactly what most people have done.... downloaded and listened to all your past potcasts (numerous times). My only regret is that I am obviously late off the ball here and just wished I found your earlier!

I currently work for HP, managing a global service to P&G. I was outsourced from P&G to HP 3 years ago. Two great companies, one of which is close to your heart :-) .

Over the past 12 months in this role I have found that I am lacking in some basic managerial skills. Your potcasts have filled the gap.

Can't thank you enough.

I have two questions for you both:

a) I have currently two accounts in Manger Tools. The first one I stupidly used my full name as the login. Could you kindly remove/cancel it. You can find the login to remove checking the email address of gmac and removing It has a gmail address attached to it.

b) In one of your podcast you mentioned that you were going to start archiving some of your potcasts. Have you done so, if so, any tips on where I can get it.

Thanks again - Great Stuff!!


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You can and you have thanked us enough! Thank YOU for the kind words. We're always delighted that folks are getting value from our work.

I'll let Mike answer the technical questions!


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No problem ... I delete the user account in question.

Also, you can find the entire list of podcasts (to include those archived) here: Currently, there is no way to get those into your iPod/iTunes other than downloading them (right-click, save as ...) to your desktop and then dragging them into iTunes. Working on a better solution, but for now, that's it.

Thank you very much for the kind remarks ... as Mark said, we're delighted we're making a difference.

best regards,