The best thing about the entire feedback model since I have been using in the past few weeks is watching the reaction of my team members when I ask if they would like some feedback. Most of them had a very perplexed look on their face the first time I asked them and weren't sure what exactly was about to come next. As time went on the look in my team's eye turned from fear and perplection to eagerness and welcoming. But I must say the absolute highlight I have had thus far is when I asked one of my repair technicians if I could give him some feed back, and after we completed everything, he said thank you, paused for a second, and then asked me if HE could give ME some feedback. At that point I knew the formula was working and was estatic to hear what he had to say!


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Ahhhhh! BRILLIANT! Well done you.

I would bet that some of that perplexed was mixed with vexed or hexed.