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Mark and Mike, your contribution to my personal development as a manager and those that have headed my advice to listen to your podcast is immeasurable. I love the back to basics and be accountable and professional approach. :)

Thanks guys and I look forward to the chance to contribute in discussions and to give a little back when you have a paying subscription model working.

I have a question on the meeting introduction you talked about in the December 2005 members only podcast.

I have a several teams and one of them is about 20 people who are very high Cs and maybe some high Ss. They largely operate as groups of smaller teams of 1 to 3 people and are exceptionally gifted individuals. This model often hampers our need to be more effective and I want to help them become a larger team. These guys will find the process uncomfortable and I hope valuable so I am committed to helping facilitate them through this process.

My issue is a single individual who does find it hard to talk to another person even when the subject is technical, let alone personal. His extreme intelligence is offset by extreme difficulties speaking to others and he is going to be beyond uncomfortable in this scenario.

My current thinking is to ensure that as well as going first myself I would manipulate the order to get some people closer to his DISC type to go before him, so he can see it is possible and that the group does support them. I was then planning to have this character fairly early so he does not worry the whole way through.

Any advice on this scenario or worries about abandoning the random order suggestion?

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There's really no need to do anything special. I have had many people like that in my sessions, and the peer pressure and energy are enough to get anyone up front.

If he were to balk, and say no - and that would be the first in 15 years and maybe 3,000 - 5,000 people having done it - then just politely move on.

And, it would be time for feedback. Organizations are communal and require communication. What you're asking is reasonable. Him doing it would help EVERYONE...and he's indulging a personal preference over organizational effectiveness.