Hi everyone,

I'm Oliviero, and I'm italian.

I work in a research and consultancy firm here in Milan: we are 40 and we manage different research projects for many clients, about many different topics. As a Senior Consultant (maybe a strange definition, since I'm 31), I manage teams that change very 'fluidly', made of people who are almost never working only with me, but also with someone else.

I probably work in one of the most far-from-the-big-USA-corporate environment :wink: but I really appreciate MT, and always try to apply what I learn here. I think that ideas and models like O3s, coaching and feedback are universal, even if sometimes you have to adjust the details. And I guarantee you that they work, even if I'm not a Manager in the traditional sense.

Happy to be here


P.S.: should you need a help to translate Mark's book in Italian, I'd be glad to contribute!

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Welcome! We're glad you're with us. We really don't intend Manager Tools for just big companies, and you're a great reason why. We know that you don't have to be at a big company to have challenges when you're responsible for others, or aspiring to be.

We look forward to hearing more from you.