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I recently saw the end of an interview with the author of "Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear" and it sounded interesting.
Has anyone read it? Any recommendations?

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I meant to share my thoughts with you last time we spoke, and I failed to do so.

This is an EXCEPTIONAL book. It is BRILLIANT. There is a political bent to it - but Frank does a great job of not making the book about that.

Every manager should read this book!


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Mark, Dani,

Is it very language-specific or is it usefull for a Frenchie ?


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Great question. GREAT.

I think it is both. There is much that is COMPLETELY about the American language. but there are themes - like many women don't get a lot of the male tendency to describe things as battles or fights or attacks - that I think are very effective.

Get it, and if you don't like it, I'll send you gift certificate for the price you paid.


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You are so nice !

Are you sure the theme about the tendency to describe things as battles or attacks is only between males and females ? I would suggest it is also cultural. I even see this kind of differences between germans and italians when describing their actions on the market.
But the praise you do about this book makes me "salivate" in advance (can I say that ? Not sure)

Well ... I just :
- finished "the world is flat"
- received "Essentials texts from Drucker" (in French)
- ordered "kiss theory goodbye"

So I'll get "Words That Work" in the queue

Thanks for the offer. I hope I don't need to use it !


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You can say that...

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Good news : you don't have to do anything as I just finished the book and I found it excellent, even fascinating !

I am now wondering if Luntz was an advisor for you new president : Nicolas Sarkozy. There is an incredible number of common themes.

I also liked the sentence : "men want to speak and women want to be heard". It is so true !

Even if I found ideas I will be able to put into pratice, I just regret the book being focussed on political life rather than corporate communication.

Are there any books of this type you would advice, more focussed on company communication ?