I'm Giovanni, please let me introduce myself to this wonderful site.

I just found Manager-tools last week, and have read quite a ton of info so far. I'm looking forward to a not-so-busy time when I can sit and listen to the podcasts.

I live in Cali, Colombia, where I work for Cadbury Adams as a "Production Leader". That position is a mix between supervisor (which we don't have) and plant manager (which we have neither!): that means I have the responsibilities of both: I report directly to the manufacturing manager, and have 90+ floor colleagues reporting to me. (the "production leader" position is the result of an agressive flattening of our structure. Not long ago, there used to be supervisors per shift reporting to plant managers who, in time, reported to mfg manager.)

I studied in Japan (went for a really-very-madly technical subject and came back with a wider not-so-technical one) for three years, after having worked for Baxter healthcare (in Colombia also) in technical purchasing (I'm a mechanical engineer).

An absolute follower of Drucker, [url=]Zhuge Liang, [/url], W.B. Given and Tsun Tzu, I think there's nothing in bussiness but people and strategy (well, ok, there's tactics!).

I'm working hard to become one day a CEO of a large company (hopefully mine!).

Family-wise, I share my life with a loving wife and a [b]STRONG D[/b] 2 years old son.

I love diving (hence my nickname), spearfishing (where permitted) and reading (yeah, and writting in parenthesis!).

Please let me take this chance to thank you guys for opening this forum and sharing this information. I think this kind of "silent contributions" help rise the productivity of all of us who come here for nourishment, and our peoples and nations along the way.


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Welcome Giovanni,

In the UK you can go to the Cadbury's chocolate factory and find out about John Cadbury and watch chocolate being made. It's the best! But I'd be very fat if I worked there.

Cadbury was the one of the quaker businessmen in the 19th century, who made big companies from sound management practices, so I think you have the weight of history behind you.

Hope you have fun here.


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Welcome Giovanni. That happens to be my Great-Grandfather's name!

I look forward to hearing your perspective on many of the Manager Tools topics in your environment. The group here is very helpful and friendly. Don't be a stranger!

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Thank you all, guys, for a warm welcome!

In fact, the plant where I work used to be an Adams plant (former Warner Lambert, then Pfizer), so we aren't (yet) in the chocolate bussiness (we're on the chewing-gum and boiled candies side.) And Wenddi, you're right, it's a real challenge to keep your weight.

I'll be happy of telling you about the results of putting into practice the "principles of M-T" (for one, I already made my schedule of O3s for 90+ people, it's just that I'm not going to meet with all of them once a week!), and share with you some other things that work well for me.


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Welcome, and glad you're here. I can already tell you're a great addition to our community.


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Giovanni, welcome to the M-T board. The flattening of your organization sounds interesting. Not having worked in a production environment such as yours it sounds like it was a great move.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here as it is a great diverse group of managers.

I, too, also enjoy writing in parentheses (I can't seem to write a post without them).