Can anyone else recommend other good business/management related podcasts? The [generous and wonderful] 5 shows a month that Mark and Mike do aren't quite enough to sate my appetite. I was browsing through the casts on iTunes, but I'm never sure which ones are delivering solid content and which are just fluff.


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Two I listen to regularly are the Cranky Middle Manager and Middle Management Lobotomy:

CMM is an interview-oriented show, but usually entertaining. MML gives a more personal take on management. Both are good for solid, practical advice a la MT.

Hope that helps!

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You may want to check, it is a categorized directory of internet radio shows or more popularly known as podcasts featuring business experts advice, tips, tools and training that you can utilize for your existing business and/or career.

Also check out its Articles page where all business management articles are being submitted and shared for the site visitors.

All these are free, no registration required but if you want to attend FREE Members-Only business networking events/ workshops, then I suggest that you register as a user of the directory. Workshops includes how to use podcast to gain more exposure for your business.

Also you may want to check out StartUp Nation at, the Sloan Brothers podcast their live radio shows that you can now download and listen to at a later time if you missed their show.

Hope this helps.

Rima McDonald

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Manager tools is my only must listen (okay I like the Cranky Middle Manager too). The others I cherry pick topics that sound interesting. It gives you something else to listen to until MT comes out on Monday morning.

Harvard Business Review - Usually weekly 20-30 minutes in two segments- Normally covering a topic in one of the recent magazine. Per Mark and Mike the print copy is a must read (not exactly how they feel about the podcasts)

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Lisa Haneburg - Comes out with a couple of Podcasts a month with authors and other business interviews. Its more than just a review of the books. Check out her Blog as well.

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David Maister- Podcast from accross the bond. He has been putting out a couple of nice series. Theory and practical advice.

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800-CEO-READ - Usually a couple of shows a month. Interviews recent authors about their books. Not very deep but good overview of the new books coming out.

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Thanks a lot, Coffee, Rima, Indiana, I'll check those out.

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Business Week has several series I enjoy - lots of choices, so you should pick the topics of most interest to you.
Harvard Business Review now podcasts weekly - look for the HBR IdeaCast

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My Favourites:

43 Folders podcasts on personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better. Don’t get freaked out by the items on your to-do list; think of the tasks in terms of what they’ll mean to you once they’re done.

"The Welch Way" features Jack & Suzy Welch's answers to readers' questions about business, managing, and careers. Drawing on Jack's experience as the legendary former CEO of General Electric Co. and Suzy's experience as the former editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review, the pair debate and discuss the issues addressed in their highly popular BusinessWeek column.

If you're interested in the ideas behind business and strategic thinking, The Invisible Hand, Enhanced is the podcast for you. Each week, Chris Gondek brings you the authors and books that have formed our modern ideas of management and strategy.

All the latest interviews from Meet The CEO™ - Meet The CEO™ offers something completely different to its listeners: a unique view of the CEO, the Company, and his or her market and current events perspectives. There's even the opportunity to participate as if you were there via an advance question submission.

The DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar (ETL) is a weekly seminar series on entrepreneurship, co-sponsored by BASES (a student entrepreneurship group), Stanford Technology Ventures Program, and the Department of Management Science and Engineering.

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Another one I enjoy is "Career Opportunities: The High Tech Career Handbook" by Douglas E. Welch ( Short and informative. Somtimes I wonder if Douglas isn't sitting in the cube next to me gathering material since he seems to talk about a lot of topics in a high tech career that I have recently faced. "Hey, I just ran in to that!" is often my response to him.

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Thanks for the kind words, Chuck!

Yes, I just got over here to the Manager Tools forums and will be digging into all the good info here. I just recommended Manager Tools to all my listeners via my blog.


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Great to have you here ... welcome!


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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

I don't listen to podcasts, so I can't recommend them, but I am going to check these out that have been suggested and see what I can learn. Thanks for the suggestions.

Again, my apologies.


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[quote="dewelch"]Yes, I just got over here to the Manager Tools forums and will be digging into all the good info here. I just recommended Manager Tools to all my listeners via my blog.

Welcome to the Manager Tools forum Douglas. Somehow I missed your post. My name might not be familar but you and I "met" on a special TMUP "test" live show. I've been reading and enjoying your blog since then.

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Try out Anna Farmery at the Engaging It has more than 100 episodes on Management. Great stuff with more the interview style as well as personal connection.