Mike and Mark,

Thank you both for your podcasts.
I have found them most valuable, and have applied much of your content to my role.
Even my boss is mirroring what I am doing!

I am currently updating my resume. It's quarter time.
I have 2 questions:

1. Is it appropriate to list a previous employer by the current company who now acquired it?
I left company A, and recently it was acquired by company B, a household name.

2. What is the best way to list an additional title and responsiblities to a current title without being redundant w/ responsiblities and achievements from the previous role?

New title: " Group A / B Supervisor"
Previous title: " Group A Supervisor"

I would like to list both positions to show growth, but listing responsiblities and achievements for each creates redundencies.

I could send you my resume for your review if appropriate.

Thanks again for your efforts.

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1. Was it A or B when you were employed there? If the acquisition took place after you left, I would use A's name.

2. Accomplishments are specific and measurable. You may have made similar accomplishments, but generally they shouldn't be identical. For instance with Team A, you increased production by 10%. With Team B, you increased production by 12.2%, etc. Overlap is okay in the job description. Remember that the job description is what [i]everyone with that job[/i] can say they do. Accomplishments are things that you have done above and beyond that description.

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My apologies for my delay.

If you left before lyour previous employer got acquired after you left, list the old name.

If you feel the change was a promotion, list it separately. If it wasn't, if you just got more responsibility, list the increase as a bullet of increased responsibility.

Again, I regret my absence.


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I have a situation where at a previous company I had been promoted to manager and a case where I pursued an opportunity internally in another department.

Using the MT resume model should I list each of the above separately including their respective dates?


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I did exactly that - indicate each significant change in job under a separate category. It made sense for me because I stayed with the same company for a number of years, moving up and through various areas. I believe it only makes sense if it is a significant change in responsibilities, however.

For example if you move from a Job Title I to a Job Title II to a Senior Job Title, unless there are significant differences in the job (and many times there is not), I would not separate them. However, if you go from Mail Clerk to Database Administrator within the same company, a separation would be necessary.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

Each do represent a significant change and it is clear that they require being shown separately.


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Julia's right, almost completely.

Sometimes, MANY times, I WOULD separate Job I Job II Senior Job roles. You got promoted...that's what resumes are for.


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Julia, Steve, & Mark,

Thank you all for offering your thoughts.

It is clear that separate listing is what is needed. :lol:

I appreciate your posts.