I would like to start adding photos to my contact list. I sometimes find it difficult to remember people faces and having them in my contact file would be very helpful. I work for an engineering company and I often take a digital camera to site meetings. So having the camera at hand is not typcially a problem.

Any suggestion on asking people to take their photo without seeming either rude or weird or an idiot?

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In work we have an internal directory of every single person who works for the company, with contact information and a photo. We have the option to opt out of the photo being displayed. I did find it helpful as a new member of staff however if you were to ask to photograph me (once you explained why) I would personally still feel slightly uncomfortable.

Maybe I shouldn't feel uncomfortable but if you were to ask someone and they said no would it create a difficult moment for you both?

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Hi Gareth,

I think it's a clever and practical idea to add photos to Outlook contacts, but think I would find it a little creepy if a man I had just met asked to take my picture for whatever reason. If we were co-workers and knew each other fairly well I probably wouldn't mind, but then again you probably wouldn't need it for someone you know well.

I wonder if you'll get different reactions from men and women?

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You both indicate that asking to take the picture has the potential to make a negative impression. I had the same feeling and this is exactly why I have not done anything with this idea. It may be that this is not something that is feasbile right now, at least without making people uncomfortable. Thanks for your input.


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Hi Mike,
I'm with the other posters, I would be uncomfortable with the idea and if you asked if you could take my photo my answer would be why?. I dont know if the answer"because I'm not good at remembering faces" would create a good 1st impression with me.


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My apologies for my delay.

Boy, I sure am sorry that everyone seems to be so insecure, or quick to jump to negative conclusions about a co-worker's efforts.

I wasn't going to recommend he do so, but it's sad nonetheless.

Mjpete: just pay more attention. Everyone I've met with problems remembering folks' names tends to not focus on people naturally.

Again, I regret my absence.


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I used to have a problem with remembering faces. I found that one simple step helped to overcome this.

When you are introduced to someone for the first time, repeat their name back to them. For example:

"Hi, my name's Jeff"
"Hi Jeff, I'm Dave. Nice to meet you."

Instead of:

"Hi, I'm Dave. Nice to meet you."

I find that saying someone's name right at the introduction stage really helps. Plus, like all MT tips, it's remarkably simple.

Hope this helps.

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Jamie's summarised some tips from the Dale Carnegie course for remembering names over on his [url=]blog[/url] that may be helpful also.