Hi there, just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself.

I am from Sunderland, North East England and a fairly new Manager.

Thoroughly loving the podcasts and finally bothered my backside to get on the Forum to hopefully increase my knowledge.

I have been with my current company for 8 years now. Starting as a call centre advisor, slowly working my way through the ranks to Team Manager.

Have been a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (MInstLM) for about 4 years now and constantly learning everyday.

Have only been in my current role 18 months but starting to make and see a change (and so is my boss :D ).

Looking forward to further interaction with you all in the future and please be nice - as I say I'm constantly learning.



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Welcome to the site
Speaking as a fellow ILM member this site is a great place to learn the stuff ILM just tell you about.

[quote="guvnor2000"]as I say I'm constantly learning.[/quote]

We are all constantly learning, thats why we are here, so just jump in and ask / answer questions


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Cheers Guvnor, and welcome aboard.

You don't stop learning when you get old, you get old when you stop learning.

Glad you're with us.

It's a privilege to serve you.


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Guvnor, welcome to the forums! Glad to have another call center person (actually I am self declared call center geek). Some of the best management I have seen in my career has been in a call center. Some of the very worst management I have seen (and could have ever imagined) has been in a call center.

Your team is lucky to have a manager who cares enough about personal development to have found the greatest resource for management effectiveness improvement.