I'm not sure if this is the right part of the forum to post this but. hey, here goes....

Morning all.

Your opinions please.

My newspaper is being sold by the owners. Trinity Mirror. ( huge company)
the sale will be going through sometime in the next few months. but we don't yet, to anyones knowledge, if we have a buyer.

I run the picture desk on a weekly newspaper.
My ' soundslides' project ( you may have seen it, photos with a soundtrack of the event / people speaking) has aparently been very well recieved and many people in the industry are talking about it.

Trinity Mirror want me to go to Birmingham next week to make a presentation to a big Editors meeting, They want me to tell all, how I do it, what it costs and how long it takes etc.

I think I will go as I guess it is good for people to know who I am and you never know where these people will be in a years time.

However, the other side of me says.. stuff it, I have spent my own money and lots of my own time, hosting it myself coz IT sucks and they want me to give them the knowledge before they kick us out.

They will pick it up on their own of course if I don't do it. but I was hoping that my team will appear to the new buyer as a princess with a few tricks that they don't have. and make them want to get into bed with us.

I am right to go arent I?

thanks in advance.

If you want to see the shows they are at.

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Well, if you go, you might prove to them that your group is valuable and worth keeping, or they [i]might [/i]just take the info and cut your group out.

But if you [b]don't[/b] go, they'll do it themselves anyway, and you'll have earned a reputation as an uncooperative manager who's not on-board with the sale.

I think it's a no-brainer- [b]GO[/b]

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Giving a presentation to the Big Editors meeting should be real opportunity to market yourself to the rest of the company and show them how good and valuable you are. However, you need to go into it with the right attitude, treating it like a opportunity.

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Hi David,
My advice would be to attend the meeting. In my work the “big thing” at present is partnership working with other organisations and this presented me with the same concerns that you have. I have to be honest at first I presented some ideas to other organisations with a view to partnership working and found that they took the idea and developed it for themselves, these days I only give a brief outline, just enough to get the interest and this seems to work. For that reason I think you should go and give enough information to describe your project but leave out enough to stop them taking it on themselves immediately. The meeting is as you say a great opportunity to get yourself and your team known which in itself is worth the attendance.


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Dear God yes!

Of course go! They are parading you around as a jewel in their valuation. This is a HUGE feather in your cap! Don't be silly!!!

Bloody lovely idea, too.


(If you wouldn't go and you worked for me, I'd fire you and compete with you with more resources and put you out of business with my inferior but similar product, while suing you to prohibit you from using it elsewhere since you did it while employed by us.)