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Thanks for great pod casts

Listing to your pod casts has really made a difference for me. After I started the O^3 Implemented the coaching and the quarterly reviews (that was a though start, but is a breeze now). I’m on top of what my direct reports are doing, have together found a individual goal for development, and the directions/help to get there.

The only “downside” is that some of my colleges (who have been here a looooong time) look “bad” in front of our Sr. management. That has given me some unwanted negative experiences where they try to put me down/ make me look bad. And directly try to undermine what I’m doing.
That has been my biggest surprise.

Is there anybody else with the same experience?


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In 1976, during Spring Training, baseball star Reggie Jackson, then a New York Yankee was talking with 3 Boston Red Sox, arch enemies of the Yankees. The three started teasing him about how badly the Sox were going to beat the Yankees that year. As each weighed in, Reggie only smiled. Finally, when the reporter asked him his reaction to all of the friendly taunts, Reggie, who had been holding a baseball bat, flourished it and said, "I'm going to let my bat do the talking."

The Yankees, with Reggie's help, went on to win the World Series and Reggie hit 3 home runs in game six that year.

Be Reggie Jackson. When your co-workers make their stupid remarks, just smile and say nothing. If your senior managers are on the ball, you and your team will be noticed as you pull away from the others in yet another perfect example of the Bell curve. You'll be out in front, they'll be huddled back in the pack.

You don't say what negative steps they're taking but to me that starts out as unprofessional and could wind up being a fireable offense. Not knowing more, I can't advise you on that.

Hang in there, you're right.



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Thanks for your reply Glenn.

When I'm objective that’s most likely the best advice you give me here.

Sometimes it is just annoying the living s*** out of me. And that is properly where I need to stay objective the most.


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Welcome to the high performers club, where one gets perpetually annoyed by the carping.

And, how you feel is YOUR fault. Put your head down and achieve results. The cheering from your family and company will drown them out.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.