As a new (and young) employee, I often find it difficult to communicate effectively to people who are not in my peer or age group. Are there some specific ways one could talk to senior managers/execs, and some things that one should avoid?

In particular, I often feel that senior people have a much higher level view of the work I do and that the same kind of communication which works well with peers is not effective with them. I get the information accross, but I feel I am not "connecting" with them the same way I do with peers.

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Magnum, I think we've all been there at one point in our career. Stick your hand out, meet people, be respectful, read the WSJ and over time you'll find it gets easier. With time you will likely get more comfortable. Make eye contact and listen more than you talk - even though you probably are doing all of those things given that you are listening to Manager Tools.

Lastly, allow yourself to not have to "connect" to everyone just as you do your peers.

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Consider listening to those to whom you would like to connect. Their own communications tell you how they would like to be communicated to: the way they communicate themselves.

Talk about what they talk about (listen and find resources to help you learn about it) in a style similar to theirs (DiSC).

I've been doing this for 25 years, and it works so well people have decided I'm a good communicator. Lucky me... just focusing on others, and paying attention.