I met an Executive Recruiters/Headhunter at a Toastmasters meeting. We had lunch a couple of weeks later. We talked about my interests. He told me to make a list of companies I would like to work for. He said he would contact the leaders of those companies, and present how I could help them.

Dose that sound like a good Executive Recruiter?

Thanks in advance for your feed back.


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Hi Chris,

I have no experience on the matter however I feel there is an important point here. He asks you to make a list of companies you would like to work for, not looking to push you into roles he is trying to fill.

Just my view, I'm interested to hear from someone with experience in the matter.

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That's not enough information to go on. Whom does he work for, what industry does he specialize in?

My gut says caution - he can't know NOW the "leaders" at companies you haven't even told him about. So, my guess is that he may spam your resume to HR folks, thus putting a price on your head.


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In my opinion, what this person is looking to do is tap into the hidden job market for you.

This is something that you can probably do yourself with a much better result as interested companies could potentially save on exhorbitant fees that recruiters normally charge.

Just my 2p worth.