I'm starting a new role in a new company soon and would be interested in anyone’s thoughts on a MUST DO list for the first 30, 60, and 90 Days.

I’ll be leading multiple managers, in multiple sites, each of them leading a team.

A rough outline is below... Many of these topics have manager tools podcasts which I have been reviewing.

Any thoughts, feedback and/or suggestions?


First Thirty Days
Overall objective: Listen, Learn and start evaluating.

- Schedule one on ones with each direct report – Spend a day on site with each manager, meet them and there team. Evaluating each manager’s direct reports and their overall team, review development plans, goals, etc (If they exist).

- Meet with new Boss - Get t o know how he likes to communicate, his expectations, etc.

- Identify and setup customer meetings – Find out their thoughts on the organization, key needs, issues, etc.

- Establish regular staff meetings – Get a routine down on meetings, how many? What day will work best (Generally Tuesday’s)

Second Thirty Days
Overall objective: Listen, Learn and begin to discuss changes as needed.

- Identify Key projects and tasks. – What are the current and future key projects?

- Identify challenges and risks for the Org –One page document of key challenges the org faces, such as retention, quality of life, budget issues, etc.

- Re-Write Mission/Vision and Goals for the Org. –One page document. This could be a simple restatement of current, or completely new.

- Conduct Skip level meetings – Meet with all of my manager’s direct reports.

Last Thirty Days
Overall objective: Listen, Learn and evaluate the org’s results.

- Conduct Mini-reviews with all directs – Evaluation performance and results, and level-set expectations as needed.

- Ask for basic Feedback from Customers, Boss, and Team.

- Celebrate results and restart/continue all of the above!

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Check out this book from the Harvard Business School. I use it as a reference when starting a new job.

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It's VERY good.

And we have a series of casts planned in this arena.


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Hey Jeff,

I use a presentation topic when interviewing which goes: What would you do in your first 6 months, how would you measure your achievements and how would you know you were successful.

Your list brilliantly captures 'what would you do' but do you need to consider the other elements?

Just a suggestion. Wendii

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[quote="mahorstman"]It's VERY good.

And we have a series of casts planned in this arena.



I often see or hear you say that you have casts planned on certain topics. Is there a list of "upcoming topics" anywhere?

(yes, I'm a big fan of internet spoiler sites where I can find out what's going to happen on my favorite shows in the coming weeks!)

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Shhh! No distracting them, Tom! I want the Interview Series and Premium Content completed first!! *twitch*

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Jeff -

In preparation for my next 90 or 100 days (date to be determined), I have been reading and thinking based on my notes and a good Appendix from the book:

You’re in Charge – Now What
The 8 Point Plan

Thomas J. Neff & James M. Citrin

Their plan is based on the actions and behavior of the 1st 100 days or as they put it a finite 1,204 hours. [6 days a week, 14 hour days]

Good Luck with the transition BTE

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Your plan looks sound and well thought out. I am reading "The First 90 Days" now and find it extremely helpful as I prep for my new role.

I asked Mark what his tips are for a new job and the first 90 are and got:

1. Fit in. Focus on fitting in to the new team and culture.
2. On Day 1, meet everyone and let noone do anything for you. Establish that you aren't better than anyone just because you are the new boss in charge.
3. On Day 2, start O3s
4. Start working in affirming feedback after 30 days
5. Start working in adjusting feedback after 30 days

Overall, you have the right approach. Listen and observe a lot. Fit in. Get to know your people. Make changes that are necessary, but pick ones that will not be traumatic. Find early wins to show progress.

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I'm about 1/2 way through The First 90 Days and I have to say, it is an excellent book.

Also, listen to the two casts on Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships. They also discuss some of the stuff to do during the initial transition and overlap very well with the above mentioned book.

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Thanks for this string of posts. Up for my first real big advancement opportunity and this helps a great deal. Going to look for the book tonight.

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Two things.

First, Tom: No. Sorry. Too hard for lots of reasons, including clients, and if you give a mouse a cookie... I have gotten nasty notes from folks already.

To those who want it, we'll sell the entire compendium of our work to your firm on a blade server, with associated copyright language for $400,000. Frankly, it's a steal.

Second: I'd like to recant my recommendation on First 90 Days. I misread the HBR link.

I do NOT recommend that book. Not relevant enough.