Just wanted to pass along that enough of us are followers of the MT way in my small business that I have created a "user group" of sorts. We are scheduled to meet weekly and share strategies and tactics that are working for us individually, as well as share any adaptations to specific tools (like O3 worksheets) that we are using to great effect.

Please keep the MT goodness coming! And we'll keep singing your praises!

Today, my company. Tomorrow a Twin Cities user group/meetup!

Warmest regards,

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Very cool indeed! Regardless of a focus on Manager Tools, managers meeting regularly and discussing how to be more effective managers and leaders ... no that is awesome!

Thanks for sharing!


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Sean, that is very cool. I have meetings with my DR and my boss weekly. But, not to discuss the MT stuff. I have tried to place MT in their laps in several creative ways. So far, I am still the only guy tuning in, and puting to work the tools. I would love to have a group in my company that listened and wanted to meet even once a month to discuss what we have learned. Or even discuss the WWW (Whoa-Wah) TALA of our MT use.

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Interestingly enough the group has grown over time. What started out as myself and one of my two directs grew when another high potential player a level down from me joined us. Next thing we knew, there were 5-6 of us meeting over lunch weekly. We have doled out assignments for cast listening and summation based on specific interests.

All of us took the DISC profiles and shared our interpretations with each other . We also digress semi-frequently and discuss challenging situations we are facing (anonymously, of course).

I am very proud of this group, as they are all learning very quickly.

Warmest regards,

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Very cool. Thanks for sharing.


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Congratulations - I lived and worked in the Twin Cities for 12 years. I don't miss the winters - but I do miss the people!

Good luck.