Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if this seems like a trivial question.

I have an upcoming second interview with a manager (my boss if hired) who missed the first one. I have been told this will probably be at a mutually convenient coffee shop due to distance and timing constraints on both parts. I have a feeling that this will be more of a "tell me about yourself" interview as all behavioural type questions have already been asked and answered.

Is there a right way or a format one can follow in answering this type of question. Again my feeling is that this would be more focused on me personally rather than my career.

Any guidance is much appreciated.


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I've been on the other side of these interviews, usually when I am on the road and need to interview someone local to the area.

You're probably right...they just want to meet you in person and see what you're like. If you've answered a lot of questions already, try asking some. I like it when candidates are relaxed, sociable and seem really interested in the company, the position and the industry -- just like any other interview.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Thanks Drinkcoffee.

It was exactly as I thought it would be. I erred on the side of caution and dressed formally and also prepared in detail for it. They commented that I should have dressed casual being a Sunday. I looked a bit out of place in the coffee shop though :).

Lasted about 45 mins and no questions were asked re my career but they instead spent time discussing and outlining the company and its strategy and advancement opportunities in more detail.

The purpose was just for the senior manager to meet with me in person. He already knew what he needed to know of me from the first interview scripts.

Will know in a few days.

Thanks again


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I got the offer, delivered to me at home late friday evening by my new boss :D and have this morning resigned the MT way and got a gobsmacked look.

I was asked why I was leaving and whether it had to do with issues that I have been raising for the last two years. In their mind when they said "no" they thought all issues had been resolved :shock:.

Anyways, I now have a meeting with the MD at some point today to discuss probably a CO knowing how they work.

M&M and others thanks for showing the way. I am really looking forward to joining my new co in 4 weeks.

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Well done! Please tread carefully in your meeting, and also, please tell me that you TOOK the new offer BEFORE you resigned from your present role...


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Thanks for replying.

I accepted the new offer verbally this morning and the company has also accepted my acceptance verbally. This was done before I resigned my current role. My new boss will pick up the papers this week.

I have also spent the last three weeks archiving and getting rid of unneccessary paperwork. We dont do performance reviews on anyone so there was none of that do. I got rid of all my personal files and emails from the network over a month ago so that the most recent backups do not contain them. So all I had to do today was resign!!.

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle tomorrows meeting? I am sure they will want to find out in more detail why I am leaving (as if they havent already heard the issues numerous times in the last two years) and what they can do to retain me.

A counter offer is on the cards because my bosses productivity is being threatened. He has already had to cancel his holiday and commented I have resigned at a bad time. My comment to that was that there is never a good time.

I am also against counter offers and will not accept it anyway.

Your comments are much appreciated.