Is anyone else arriving the afternoon before the conference and interested in meeting up for dinner?

It would be cool to go to Mike's restaurant, but I haven't checked to see whether it works logistically.

Does anyone who knows the area have any other good suggestions?

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I'll be arriving too late for dinner.

However, if anybody wanted to meet in the hotel lounge later in the evening (8:30?), I'd be up for that.

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I won't get in until 8:15 PM so probably not to the hotel until 9, but I would definitely be up for some food if anyone else is game.

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I also arrive too late for dinner, but I'd be up for meeting in the lounge for a drink later in the evening.

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I'll be in late afternoon, dinner would be great!

Looking forward to a great conference.

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Mike and I will be in the hotel, but won't be able to join you because of our schedule getting things ready.

Hope you have a ball!


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I should arrive by 4 p.m. if the travel God's bless the San Diego to DC flight I am on, and I'm open for dinner! - Steve

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Sounds like a great idea. I've got the Tues in DC so can make the dinner no problem.

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I'm due to arrive around 5:30 so dinner around 6:30 or 7:00 should work out.

Is there a resturaunt/bar in the hotel? Maybe we can meet for dinner around 7:00 and fade into casual drinks & conversation after.


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I'm flying in early in the afternoon and would love to join you for a dinner. I do assume that there are also some not MT Conference people hanging around in Marriott on that evening. So, in order to get ourselves together maybe we should determine a certain time and place for meeting? And from there we could go for a dinner.

Can anyone familiar with the local details make a proposal for a specific meeting point or should it be just "in the reception area"?
On what time would be the best time to meet that most of the interested could make it?


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Great idea!

Presumably most will be staying at the hotel, and everyone will be arriving at different times, so best bet here (logistically) is to meet at one of the restaurants in the hotel -- there are two listed on the hotel's web site

I propose meeting up for late dinner, say 7pm with people joining as they arrive.

Anyone local, or have unlimited long distance willing to call the the restaurant and lounge and check hours, best bet to accommodate anywhere from 15-25 people(?), etc. 1-703-471-9500


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I am up for dinner too. I hope to arrive around 8PM if the traffic cooperates.

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I will be in around mid afternoon Tuesday and would welcome the opportunity for dinner with my MT colleagues. I will e-mail Mike for more details on his place concerning logistics and whether they can accomodate a larger group.

If the logistics do not make sense, I suggest we eat at the hotel or somewhere nice near by (within 30 minutes). This will allow those wanting to return to the hotel lounge/bar to meet up with some of our later arriving MT colleagues.

I will make the reservations for 7:30 PM unless I see a ground swell of alternate suggestions posted here. Well make another post on what time to meet in the hotel lobby once we know where we are going.

Terry Dodson

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I'm up for dinner as well. Count me in with the reservation party!

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I get in around 7pm - I'd love to join you if we'll be staying in the hotel.

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Many good ideas floating around, eating at the hotel would make it the easist for all. I'd imagine most will not have cars, and others arriving later can pop in. Count me in.

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Please post to this forum if you will join us for dinner Tuesday evening at the hotel restaurant and have not posted here already. It appears our dinner group is currently 12 to 15 people.

Called the hotel restaurant. The contact there suggested I speak with her when I arrive Tuesday mid-afternoon and can provide a more accurate number. They can pull some tables together for us or perhaps get two groups of tables close by if the number is large (>20?). Told her we would start at 7:30 and others may straggle in throughout the evening.

According to Mike, his restaurants logistically do not make sense for us that evening. He has eaten at the hotel restaurant and believes it will be fine.

Best regards,
Terry Dodson

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My flight lands at 6:30, so barring delays, I should be able to make it-- or at least fall into the "others may straggle in throughout the evening" category.

Please count me in.


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Make sure you tell them Mike and I - Manager Tools, who is bringing 250 room nights to the hotel, would appreciate their special attention.

Do it subtly...but do it. :wink:


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[quote]Make sure you tell them Mike and I - Manager Tools, who is bringing 250 room nights to the hotel, would appreciate their special attention.

Preferably before we ask for separate checks, or hand them 18 credit cards. :wink:

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I am definitely in.

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Will do Mike and Rich.

I will use my best Southern charm and if that doesn't work some subtle "I" and "C" if there is such a thing.

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You can count me in for 2 seats.


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Hi, I'll be around too. And will be hungry.
Count me in as well please.


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I should be there in time for dinner, so please count me in.

-Leigh Anne

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Please also count me in, but I will be late. Should be able to join all of you around 9 PM.

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My flight does not get in until extremely late Tuesday Night. Will anyone be hanging around the lounge after dinner? If not, I'll look forward to meeting everyone Wednesday morning.

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I'll be getting in around 7PM and would love to join the group for dinner!


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Hi, my flight ends at 6PM, so I'll come.
I might turn out sleepy and jetlagged after 9hr flight though, so I don't know if I manage to stay much longer that to 9PM. ;-)

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I will be there!

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I'm flying in too late for dinner, but I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone Wednesday! I'm quite excited about this event - 100 people seems like a manageable number for everyone to meet and get to know.

Reminder: Don't forget your business cards.

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Appears based on responses I have seen that we may have up to 25 people for dinner and the best time is 7:30.

Will talk with restaurant after I arrive at the hotel and get settled around 2:30/3:30.

Ask for reservation in either my name and/or Manager Tools.

Look forward to meeting everyone.

Best regards, Terry Dodson

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Terry, thanks so much for taking care of this for the group!

mjpete, thanks for starting the thread. I thought I read that you weren't going to make, bummer.

My flight out of Sacramento is delayed but only an hour so I have good airport time to read.

See you all tonight.

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[quote="livlab"]Reminder: Don't forget your business cards.[/quote]

$#%^&! the ONE thing I did not pack! Oh well, I have plenty of index cards!

See you all for dinner tonight. Just waiting to board a flight now.

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I'm here and have made reservations for 20 to 25 people with the hotel restuarant for 7:30 tonight. The reservation in under Manager Tools and Terry Dodson. Separate checks are no problem :D and they may give us a private dining area if available 8). If so then those persons coming later should hopefully not be a problem assuming some of us are still there.

Amazing what the subtle mention of 100+ people being here for two to three nights for a conference will do. :wink:

See you this evening,