Hi Guys, this is something of a new experience for me.

Let me give a bit of background......

A while back I was in a second interview with the group managing director (my prospective manager's boss) for a possible new opportunity in my town.

Thanks to listening to MT podcasts everything went well and they indicated they wanted to meet up again when the plans get finalized.

I learned recently from my prospective manager that the director is coming into town to work on the final legalities with the government.

I offered to meet up to follow up on our last conversation.

The boss graciously accepted and wants to meet me for dinner. He'll be bringing along a few key folks in the organization as well.

I imagine this is more of a get to know more you session but I'm interested to know what has been your experiences from both sides of the table and what has been effective.

I'll need to brush up on the meal etiquette podcast but any additional advice specific to this situation will be most welcome

All of this is making me very excited and nervous :)

Thanks in advance

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I don't want to create confusion, but you offered the meeting. Is it clear who would be paying for the meal? Probably them, but if there is any doubt in your mind, work it out before the meeting with your contact.

If you've heard the meal ettiquitte podcast, then you're 90% of the way there. Remember that its not about the food. A great smile and a great handshake go a long way too. You probably don't need to, but re-read what you can about the company, especially if they're public. Check the closing price the day of the dinner.

Don't relax. Until you have an offer, you have nothing. Good luck!


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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the insights and tips.

During our (hiring manager, director) last conversation, they offered to fly me up to the head office to meet the team when things get finalized. When I learned the director was going to be in town to finalize things, I opened the possibility of meeting up.

Btw, at this point all contact has been thru phone/email so this is a good way to be acquainted personally.

The plan to go to dinner was from the Director. Who gets to pay is not a big issue unless an offer from me can be taken as a negative thing. :)

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[Disclaimer: I could give a lot more specific recommendations with more detailed advice. What role, what industry, what scope, what relativity to the MD and your boss, what budget, who else is coming, what do they do, how are offers normally made in your firm, have their been outside interviews, why are there legalities. To name just... a few.]

[b]Sounds like you're being interviewed[/b]. I would err on the side of evaluation as opposed to relaxation. No alcohol, that's for darn sure.

[b]You're not paying[/b]. (but have the wherewithal to do so if there's been some bizarre mistake).

Every comment you make will be scrutinized. Sooooo, relax and have a good time! (ROTFL).

You'll be fine. CLOSE.


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the recommendations.

Sorry for being a bit vague. I admit I was debating internally about the right amount of information.

I would definitely agree that it sounds more like an interview.

To clarify a bit.... The financial services firm I'm interviewing with is different from my current company.

This is for the role of IT director for the Asia region and I would report directly to the VP for IT at HQ.

The region is currently just one office in the process of setting up, hence the legalities involved and the reason for the MD to drop by. As far as I know, apart from the MD, his #2 is also coming.

The VP, my potential boss reports directly to the MD. I was referred to the VP by a close friend and previous colleague (Take care of the network :) )

I think this information is what I have so far, any other intelligence gathering I need to do?

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Nope. It's an interview, trappings aside.


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Thanks a bunch.

I'll keep everyone posted how things turn out.

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Hi everyone, I haven't given an update for a while as the dinner did not go exactly as I expected it to.

I came prepared for an interview but was pleasantly surprised to be in a party. There was maybe 10 people in the group including myself. All quite senior people in the organization.

probably < 5% of the time did we talk about anything related to my professional credentials. If I were to think of it as an interview, I would say the objective was more to see my interaction skills. The meal etiquette podcast prepared me well.

to cut a long story short, I'm now on the second week in my exciting new role. :)

[b]So a big thanks to all of you guys, especially Mark & Mike. Your insights have been invaluable.[/b]

[i]now I'm off to reviewing the podcasts on internal customers and managing boss communications.[/i]

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Awesome! Congratulations.


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Congratulations, Joseph! It's always better to go prepared for the 'worst' and find the 'best'!

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